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  If the sun has set,
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About Jen and Bit

The purpose of the Jen and Bit Project is to "capture the imagination" with Bit, a talking robot that convinces us of our own, true, spiritual nature...and who opens minds to be receptive to the Gospel message of salvation through Christ Jesus.

You can think of Bit the Bot as "Visual Christian Apologetics" for children of all ages.

We are currently working on English language processing software that will be used to let you talk to Bit online. We hope to enter this software into Turing test competitions, and competitions such as the Winograd Schema Challenge, beginning sometime in 2016.

The English language processing software behind Bit goes directly into a Christian search engine, www.TrueSearch.today

In the future, we hope to put Bit's underlying software inside of robots that do useful work around the home.

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